About Us

We are headquarted in Miami, Florida, in one of the most creative, oneiric and exclusive neighbourhoods in the world, the Miami Design District.

Our mission is to interpret and bring to life each client’s dream of comfort, aesthetic beauty and functionality.

Dedicated to the design of luxury custom furniture, Italian Luxury Design creates for the most discerning clients, reflecting the Italian tradition of Craftsmanship.

We research for the highest quality leather from Vicenza, the most exquisite Venetian glass, the finest marble from Carrara, and wood of timeless beauty from Brianza. The elegant character of Italy inspires our team and is revealed in each piece.

Inspired work is produced in our workshops in Italy, enhanced by the most skilled Italian Architects and Artisans, and then imported, delivered and installed, if the client desires it, to meet the tightest time frames and exacting specifications for clients confident that they are receiving the very best in the world.

We invite you to visit our showroom, certain that we will unleash together the most creative possibilities.